I am an experienced professional freelance photographer, who delivers quality content in a contemporary style.
Photography is not just my passion; it’s my reason to live.
Decisive choice of light, time and place of the camera, and how you interact with the world are imperative to strong images.
Mostly what I shoot is portraits as interacting with people as expressing them in their best light so it keeps my motivation engaged.
However, I find great enjoyment in a technical and creative challenge thus have over the years shot high end jewelry, architecture and almost everything in between.
I am professionally trained, qualified with a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Major in Photography from the Sydney College of the Arts.
I love people and my photography reflects that.
In 2016 I have shot jobs in Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and Uganda, along with many locations around Australia. I have now shot jobs in over forty countries, experience shooting in imperfect situations has taught me to be dependable, despite imperfect circumstance and conditions.
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